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First Flight as Publisher

First Flight Theatre Company is a theatre producing company with license to perform in New York, New Jersey and Illinois and now a publisher of plays by Maxwell Anderson. An acting edition of the play “What Price Glory” by Maxwell Anderson and Laurence Stallings is now available as an eBook, in hardcover and as a paperback at Amazon.

Maxwell Anderson wrote nine plays in the 1920s. Six of them are now in the public domain, including “What Price Glory;” the three others will be in 2028. His two other plays written with Laurence Stallings, “First Flight” and “The Buccaneer” will be published this month and next by the First Flight Theatre Company.

First Flight Theatre Company’s mission has always been to present the plays of Maxwell Anderson to the public. A playwright will be forgotten when their plays are forgotten. He wrote 55 plays with 40 of them produced on Broadway. These plays should not be forgotten.

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